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    The Database of Han-dynasty Painting (DHP) is devoted to recording, compiling, and preserving the relevant data of existing Chinese paintings of the Han-dynasty for use on the internet. The images of the originals are recorded in 3 ways: photographing the overall situation, rubbing the appearance, and drawing the shape. Basic information embody original records and the ubiety of the originals. Up-to-date research findings are taken for reference when describing the images. Sources of literature are indicated. DHP is a cooperative program of the Han Art Institute (HAI) of Peking University, and other institutes devoted to collection or preservation, which aims at building up the National Image Database of China and is released according to copyright laws and regulations. Research and collation is sponsored by the National Social Science Fund of China and the National Publishing Fund of China, and financially supported by Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts and the Getty Foundation.
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